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We Create Extraordinary Experiences

Why We Do This

361VR is a pioneer in the world of VR and we believe there’s a major breakthrough happening in Virtual Reality 360º content experiences. This innovative technology is a complete game-changer in the way it allows users to experience VR. We do this because we are driven by insight and innovation.

Our sole mission is to create the best VR content for our clients. We stay on the cutting edge of advanced VR software and technologies which allows us to create one of kind VR masterpieces. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism & creative integrity to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Luis Flores

Luis Flores

Founder | Producer | Director

  • Lead Innovation Architect of 361VR
  • Producer & Director
Daren Hicks

Daren Hicks

Studio Development President

  • Hollywood Producer
  • Over 30 years Industry Experience
Simon Tams

Simon Tams

Producer Lead Designer

  • Seasoned Producer and Lead Designer
  • 30 years Industry Experience

Our Skills

Our team is always pushing the boundaries and coming up with innovative ideas. Our reputation is built on our talent, experience, and innovative technology. We offer a wide variety of VR services for all your project requirements.

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