VR Production Services

We provide an end to end solution for all VR production and needs.

VR Camera Solutions

No 1 VR camera system or rig can do all creative jobs desired. So we provide a wide spectrum of VR camera rig solutions. From small simple Mono rigs utilizing GoPros to complex higher resolution mono GoPro Rigs up to high end Stereo GoPro Driven VR rigs with 360 Degrees of Capture in Stereo 3D.

Then we move onto an upper quality custom made rigs utilizing, small uncompressed proprietary camera systems. We also provide Black Magic Cameras VR rigs and our Flagship Professional Studio level, Stereo 3D, high Dynamic range, fully controllable, wireless, and sync shutter, 60FPS RED DRAGON VR Camera System. It is hard to find anything better out on the market anywhere. This is simply the best.

VR Post Production Services

We provide seamless stitching services. With VFX, full DI and color grading workflow finishing services for all VR needs. Mono and Stereo Deliveries.

App Development

In this growing world of media via your smart phone or device it is highly critical to have the integrated apps best designed for your particular needs. Therefor we have teamed up with some of the best app developers around to ensure that we provide the best UX and Apps designed for your product deployment needs.

Instead of depending on launching your content on another player or space, we can provide you with your own, player, link, app, ecosystem and library of content services for your fans and or customers.

VR Education Services

We believe that the world needs to learn as much as they can about VR from qualified professionals in the industry.

So we have teamed up with VR content developers and educators to develop programs that will do just that. Teach about VR. Need to learn to shoot, perhaps stitch? How about just a brief introduction to 360 VR content creation. Or high end complex deep VR content creation.

We are working on creating workshops, training sessions, open to the public meetings, and even implementing a teaching curriculum for the most hungry film making, story telling, tech savvy students we can possibly find. We are launching this in 2016.